Bonnett Chandler Bio

Bonnett Chandler’s 504 certified hours of training include:

  • Midwest Institute of Herbal Studies program. Completed 80 hours in Herbal History, Assessment & Herbal Therapeutic Skills.
  • Herbal, nutritional supplement, natural therapies assessment and treatment & wellness training – 58 hours
  • 236 hours of Shambhala Training in mindfulness meditation.
  • Reiki Training, 27 hours.   CPR & First Aid Certified – certification and yearly re-certification, 84 hours.
  • Minnesota certified medication-training courses, St. Cloud Vocational College & Dungarvin Inc. – 72 hours.   19+ years of study and research on nutritional supplements, food, herbal, lifestyle and health issues as an assistant to Richard Chandler.
  • Over 30 years of mental health counseling for mentally ill and developmentally disabled clients in residential facilities.
  • BA degree from St. Cloud State University 2012
  • MA degree in Aderian Counseling & Psychotherapy from the Adler Graduate School of MN