Insomnia & Poor Sleep

Insomnia, poor sleep, waking up in the night, inability to fall asleep easily, waking up to early in the morning, or shortage of REM sleep may be helped with massage therapy combined with Polarity Therapy and acupressure techniques. We see many people with these issues and most all are helped.

Here is why:  Insomnia and lack of sleep are largely contributed to by an over active nervous system. In other words, it is hard for your nervous system to release the tension of the day and relax fully enough to sleep easily and sleep soundly.

As we allow your nervous system to more fully let go – through the work we do while you are in your massage therapy session, and through the things we will coach you in while you are at home in your own bed – you will be able to drop more easily into a deep sleep.

There are also natural health herbal supplements that we can recommend to help you with insomnia and light sleep.