Neck & Shoulder Pain

Throughout our two decades in practice, we have successfully treated neck and shoulder pain, often with accompanying headaches, more than any other condition.

Neck Shoulder Tension Relieving Massage

Neck & Shoulder Tension Relieving Massage

Too often, neck and shoulder pain, tension and stiffness are so much a part of people’s lives, that they no longer consider the likely possibility that with effective therapy and self-help strategies, they can be rid of it. Over the years, we have found that even the most persistently tight upper-back and neck muscles can be loosened, with the result that muscle pains and their frequently accompanying headaches no longer plague clients.

We work on your neck in a face-up position, as this excels at keeping everything as relaxed and safe as possible. We can also work on the sides of your neck in a side position for really loosening up the tension where your neck meets your shoulders.