Directions from Hwy. 10 South of St. Cloud

From Hwy 10 south of St. Cloud drive into St. Cloud and take the 2nd cloverleaf Hwy 23 exit into St Cloud, (the 1st one goes to Foley).  This road is Division Street. You will cross the Mississippi River, go through downtown St. Cloud and will be heading into the middle of St. Cloud. After crossing Washington Memorial Drive, move into the left lane. Take the left most turn lane to enable you to turn left on 25th Ave. at the CVS Pharmacy.

At the CVS Pharmacy on 25th & Division, please drive South on 25th Ave. and you are now going south towards Byerleys.  Keep going until you cross 2nd Street where the Ford Dealership, TCF Bank and the BP gas station are. Continue going south on 25th Ave. for another 4 short blocks, until you reach the first stop sign, which is Goettens Way. You are now looking at a small park. Take a right on Goettens Way. We are in the first house on the left, with an earth-tone colored driveway, and the only house which is next to skating rink in the park.  2524 Goettens Way.

Please park in the driveway in the closest space to the doors. (There is room for 3 vehicles.) As you walk towards the front door, you will see another door to your right. Enter through this side garage door on your right side, walk through the walkway and down 3 steps into our reception area. Please complete your intake form, which is waiting for you on a chair in the reception area. Help yourself to tea or water and feel free to use the client restroom in the reception area.

If you have any difficulty finding us, just text or call us at 320-282-8029 and we will guide you in. We look forward to seeing you.