Gift Certificates

We make it easy and convenient for you to purchase and give massage gift certificates. 

Simply call or email, letting us know that you would like a gift certificate and leave your contact information so we can get right back to you. If we are not available when you call, we should be able to call you back within a few hours.  We also endeavor to email back within a half day.

Most people seeking a gift certificate pay by credit card. Please do not email us your CC number, as this may not be secure.  We do not keep credit card numbers.  We simply punch the number, expiration date and amount into our CC machine, and, if you wish, we will send you the credit card receipt.

We would also be happy to mail you the gift certificate, or mail it directly to the recipient.  Just give us all of the information and addresses and we will proceed.

We can also send the gift certificate as an email attachment to you, or your person receiving the massage session.