Massage Discounts & Specials

You Automatically Receive the ‘Extra Time’ Discount

We schedule every hour and 15 minutes rather than on the hour.  This automatically gives you a discounted rate, as it takes 10 – 15 minutes to change the room from one person to the next, and do scheduling and payment.  Places that schedule on the hour only give you 45 – 50 minutes of actual massage time, where we give you a full hour of massage. A massage that is scheduled on the hour, but with 10 – 15 minutes of time where you are not getting massage therapy, is usually more expensive, per minute, than our rates, where you receive a full hour of actual massage therapy!

Student or Active Military Discount

We offer students of any age, and military personnel, a discount of an additional $7.00. We extend this to anyone where money is tight. Just ask.

Gift Certificate Discount

We like to encourage giving the gift of massage! When you buy a gift certificate for a friend or loved one, we will extend an additional $7.00 off of our regular rate for a one-hour therapeutic massage.

2-hour Session Discount

Perhaps you like a really long session.  Or you are doing a couples massage with back-t0-back massage therapy sessions of 1 hour for each of you.  You may also wish to combine a therapeutic massage with a private yoga lesson.  For any of these options, we will give you an additional $10.00 off.