Massage Envy™ vs. Us?

In pursuit of profits for investors, more and more services, even very personal ones, like massage therapy, are becoming franchises.  A massage from a franchise operation that is focused primarily on profit for the investors who own it may be a different experience than receiving your massage from a business owned by the actual massage therapists that work on you.  Here are some contrasts to keep in mind:

Massage Envy™ Franchises  – Saint Cloud Massage Envy™ Franchise

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AcuPolarity Massage & Wellness Center

Due to room prep, scheduling & payment, your actual massage time is only 50 minutes.

Franchises overwhelming owned by investors who rarely are massage therapists themselves.

Owners may not live and spend as much of their money in our St. Cloud area community.

A much higher % of what you pay for your massage goes to the franchise than to the massage therapist giving the massage.

Primarily rely on less experienced massage therapists as the lower pay makes it difficult to attract and retain practitioners with experience.

With less experienced practitioners and the push to standardize how things are done, standard massage routines are more the norm.

Policies of how things are done are more formal and fixed. A good deal of what the franchise does, if you have a service issue, is dictated by the policies in place for all of the Massage Envy™ operations around the country.


We schedule clients every hour and 15 minutes, so you actually receive a full hour of massage.

Individually owned by the massage therapists from whom you will receive your massage.

We live here, spend our money here and support local community needs.

More of what you pay goes to your massage therapist. We really appreciate you! We commit to providing our very best for you!!!

We have over 2 decades of experience. Massage therapy is our career. We are personally dedicated to continue serving you for years into the future!

We first seek to understand the areas of stress & pain you are experiencing and then tailor your massage session to your specific and unique needs.

We are completely flexible in regard to customer service. We simply make it right for you if there is any aspect of your experience that does not meet with your complete satisfaction. Our credo is to treat you, and all of our clients, like gold!