Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones for Massage Melting Tension

Hot Stones Warm Muscles for Stess Reduction

Hot Stone Massage uses heated, hand-held stones, to massage heat directly into your muscles, releasing tension, knots and stiffness. Hot stones allow us to more easily work into the deeper layers of muscle tension, with greater comfort to you.

We are very careful to thoroughly wash our stones by scrubbing them with a scrub brush soaked in anti-bacterial soap and very hot water. Next we rinse them in hot water and rinse them a second time in hot water mixed with alcohol. We heat them in a crock pot, dry, as we feel it is safer than heating them in water, as water makes bacteria and mold more likely.

Our rocks come from Lake Superior and we select them ourselves.  It takes hours to find a few very smooth stones that fit well into our hands. We enjoy looking for them and bringing the peacefulness of our Great Lake to your massage therapy session here in St. Cloud.