Lymphatic Massage

9 Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage massage has some specific applications and benefits. It is particularly effective in helping your immune system to detoxify by flushing out your body’s waste products quickly. Doing so can help with reducing your susceptibility to viral infections as well as more major diseases including cancers. Here are the major applications:

1. Reducing edema of the entire body
2. Reducing edema of specific areas, including neck, arms & legs
3. Post-surgical reduction of swelling
4. It relieves the swelling and discomfort of lymphoma
5. Clearing the lymph glands and the lymphatic system of excess toxicity
6. In natural health circles it is also considered to be a very good prevention therapy for reducing the risk of developing breast cancer
7.  It is very relaxing during the session and promotes post-massage well-being
8. Helpful for your immune system when fighting viruses or bacterial infections
9. In Germany, it is standard practice for managing lymphoma following mastectomies, and is paid for by their governmental health care system

Lymphatic massage uses a softer touch. and is very soothing and relaxing. It can be included as part of a regular massage or can be the main focus. Please contact me by text, by calling or by email is you wish to have additional information. Richard Chandler, MA, LMT, PTP