Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage Safely Relaxes Tight Muscles

Pregnancy Massage Relaxes Tight Muscles

There is not a better time to receive a massage as when your body is going through such rapid change while pregnant.  Because the increased weight where your baby is growing throws off your body, and even more so as you approach your latter trimester, it is not uncommon to have neck, upper back, mid-back and especially, low back pain.

Having massage therapy throughout your pregnancy is a wonderful way to keep pain and discomfort at a much lower level, and to really nurture yourself, and your baby, during this very special time.

One question women often ask us is this: “Is it safe to receive massage work while pregnant?”  The answer is “yes,” as long as the massage therapist knows the following important points about pregnancy massage…

  • Comfortable positioning is vital.  Once you are past your first trimester, and perhaps even sooner, a face down option is not possible.  Most of the massage therapy session is done in a side position, with plenty of extra pillows to support you and your baby.  The remainder of your therapeutic massage may be done in a face-up position, with a bolster under your knees giving you better support for your low back.
  • The pressure is generally lighter and more relaxing, soothing techniques are used. The idea is for you and your baby to feel nurtured and supported during your massage.
  • Deep pressure is avoided in certain places and on certain acupressure points, as deep, stimulating pressure at those specific places could bring on contractions.
  • Massage where the baby is resting is always very light, soothing and nurturing.

If you have any other specific questions about pregnancy massage, please call us at 320-253-8029, or email us.  We will be glad to be of help.