Thai Massage

Thai Massage Eases Back Pain

Thai Massage is like someone doing yoga to you!  If you wish, we can do an entire session of Thai Massage in the traditional way, where we use large, flat meditation cushion pads spread on the floor of our yoga room.  Thai Massage done in this way is works best through a light, comfortable layer of clothing, as it is done in Thailand.

More commonly, we incorporate those Thai Massage stretches that we can do while your are under the sheet, as part of your massage therapy session. Many of these techniques work perfectly well in the therapeutic massage setting, and can be easily done and still keep you covered.

The benefit of Thai Massage is that your muscles, ligaments and tendons are wonderfully stretched and lengthened, leading to greater mobility and helping you to restore more full function. We find Thai Massage of particular help for low back pain, neck and shoulder tension, tight hamstrings and sciatica.